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Biomass boiler

Pressure grade: ≤1.25MPa
Specifications: Steam boiler: 1~4T/h
Hot water boiler: 0.7~2.8MW
Fuel: Rice husk, wood chips, biomass particles, corncob, wood chips, bagasse, coal, etc
Applicated Industry:Steam boiler: widely used in various industrial industry, such as textile, chemical, paper, food, agricultural products processing industry, etc.
Hot water boiler: widely used in heating, bathing and domestic hot water in hotels, schools, hospitals, residential areas, etc.


Performance characteristics

1.It could burn rice husk, wood chips, biomass particles, corncob, wood chips, bagasse, coal, etc.
2.Compact structure, small installation dimension, shorten installation period and reduce the cost of boiler room.
3.Inertia separation design of smoke and dust at furnace outlet can effectively reduce the dust concentration in smoke exhaust and reduce the wear of rear heating surface.
4.The unique feeding device has strong fuel adaptability to prevent front combustion and upper combustion of furnace fire.

Working principle

In order to improve the operation reliability of the grate and ensure the full burning of the fuel, large grate or scale grate should be used. It adopts double side air inlet, separate air chamber, independent adjustment, stable combustion and reliable operation. The inertia dust separation device is set at the furnace outlet, so that the original dust concentration of the boiler is less than 1800mg / Nm3. Combined with the high-efficiency multi tube dust collector and bag type collector, the boiler flue gas emission meets the requirements of national class I area.

Boiler parameter list